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Our new organic supplier

Cheal’s are delighted to introduce our brand new & amazing supplier, 4 Acre Farm in Lapworth.  Situated just a few short miles away from our restaurant, our new organic farm supplier is nestled out of sight in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside.  Using biodynamic growing methods to produce their seasonal food, we are very excited to be partnering with them & to use their fantastic organic fruit and vegetables for our cooking.  

What is biodynamic gardening?

Biodynamics offers a uniquely holistic approach to organic gardening. It helps growers to work more in harmony with nature and natural forces – seen and unseen.  This enriches the garden and gardener alike, brings lasting rewards and deepens the connection with nature and the garden.

What’s the difference between organic and biodynamic gardening?

Biodynamic gardening is a natural extension of organic gardening with an added dimension. It shares the same passion for:

  • producing delicious healthy food without using harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilisers,
  • caring for the soil,
  • protecting bees and wildlife,
  • nurturing nature, and
  • championing biodiversity.

Biodynamics however is unique in using:

  • Special natural remedies known as BD preparations to help improve the health and vitality of the soil, compost, plants, fruit and vegetables.
  • Biodynamic planting calendar to assess the most favourable times to sow, cultivate and harvest.
  • Home-made biodynamic composts which enrich and enliven soils (avoiding all manure fertilisers that contain any form of anti-biotic or other harmful substances fed to the animals producing it). 

The benefits of biodynamic gardening

  • nutrient dense fruit and vegetables that keep fresh for longer
  • more fragrant flowers and herbs
  • enriches soil and improves plant health
  • plants become more naturally resistant to pests and diseases
  • humus rich compost, teeming with beneficial microbial life
  • increased yields, quality, and flavour of home-grown produce
  • has the capacity to store more carbon in soils

And finally

Gardening organically and biodynamically brings a hugely improved flavour to our foods.   It’s much healthier to eat & is far less damaging to our planet, acting as a powerful force for combatting climate change.  

Experience the flavours & benefits of Cheal’s healthy & sustainable foods for yourself!



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