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How We Became Featured In The Michelin Guide

Ham Hock Terrine

In 2023, we were featured in the Michelin Guide. This is not handed out to just anyone. We’ve worked hard to achieve this, blending exquisite ingredients, flavours and textures to create the ultimate dining experience. We wanted to share a little more about our achievement, and some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to maintain our incredibly high standards.

What Is The Michelin Guide?

Michelin is a Parisian brand which is responsible for the annual Michelin Guide. You may recognise the name, as Michelin are also a very popular brand of tyre. Their guide used to be related to car travel, with the purpose of encouraging more people to drive by giving inspiration for where to travel to. It included restaurant reviews and suggested places to stop by in various locations.

Who Gets Featured In The Guide?

A Michelin Guide restaurant is featured for a number of reasons. The system is designed to appreciate all of the factors that go into cooking a fantastic meal. The criteria that is judged includes the quality of the products and ingredients, including how locally they are sourced and whether they’re in season. The ingredients should not be luxurious for the sake of it. Even the most simple, everyday produce can be scored highly. Value for money is just as important as the ingredients chosen for each dish.

The way that the ingredients are treated is also important. Everything from the combination of flavours to the techniques used in cooking is judged. The inspectors want to see the chef’s personality shine through in the dish, so they’ll be looking for a unique flair as well.

How A Restaurant Is Judged

To make a fair judgement on each restaurant, assessments are made throughout a long period of time. Several visits are made, and different judges are sent to the restaurant. This allows their team to sample a wide variety of dishes, and ensure that the quality is consistent.

Enjoy Our Michelin Guide Restaurant

Our team have worked incredibly hard to achieve this honour. We’re extremely proud to be featured in the Michelin Guide, and would welcome you to experience what we have to offer. Book a table today and discover the joy of fine dining with Cheal’s.


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