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Growing Our Own Perfect Salad Leaves, Microgreens & Herbs


Our goal is to grow the best possible plants – better than we can get from any other source. We strive to perfect all aspects of crop quality including flavour, appearance and consistency.

The superiority of Evogro-grown produce stems from several factors. Firstly, by controlling and optimising the growing conditions we can give each plant exactly what it needs for strong, healthy growth. Our Evogro cabinet has multiple independent zones and we can have different crops with different needs all growing happily in the same cabinet.

Secondly, our plants are grown without pesticides or herbicides and are free from soil or human contamination. No one will touch our crops except us.

Thirdly, because we have living plants growing in our premises, we can harvest them seconds before serving – you cannot get fresher! We also select plant varieties to maximise flavour not shelf-life.



Growing your own crops to a high standard using traditional methods takes considerable time and know-how, even assuming you do have a suitable outside space. Even the most knowledgeable gardener can be a victim of elements beyond their control. However, inside our Evogro cabinet the environment is controlled so each plant gets what it needs, and our plants are protected from pests and diseases. Our automated Evogro system makes growing simple and reliable. It requires minimal effort and works perfectly, all year round.

Our cabinet is fitted with multiple sensors and cameras, which means we can track the growth of every plant and program the cabinet automatically. The Evogro app gives us notifications of any tasks we need to complete to ensure our production cycle runs smoothly. We don’t need to be expert horticulturists to get excellent results!



We are all looking for more ways to make positive, sustainable food choices. By growing our own crops with Evogro, we can avoid the adverse environmental effects of the conventional fresh produce supply chain: transportation, processing, storage and packaging.

Salad leaves and microgreens are inherently highly perishable and are frequently and avoidably wasted. WRAP’s study on Household Food Waste found that a staggering 43% of lettuce & leafy greens that are purchased end up being wasted.

With our Evogro system we can avoid this wastage because we only harvest what we need, just when we need it. The rest of our crops can keep on growing happily in our cabinet.


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