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Cheal’s new “Healthy Options” menu!

Cheals Dining Room

Eating out doesn’t have to leave you feeling sluggish. Whether you’re on a health kick or simply craving some wholesome fine foods, Cheal’s have it covered.

Here at Cheal’s, we recognise that many of our guests want to eat healthier when dining out. Our new Set Lunch and Dinner menus will now include delicious healthy options for each course and offer reduced calories, always-organic produce & healthier preparation techniques.

Cheal’s usual beautifully fresh seasonal fish will feature prominently on this menu, as well as carefully selected leaner proteins. Our organic fruit & vegetables will be locally sourced (direct from our Lapworth farm supplier) providing a whole host of nutrient benefits. We will include alternative ingredients to animal fats, carbohydrates, certain refined sugars, additives, and dairy and our chefs will use their skills to cook and prepare all these options using healthier cooking techniques.

We recognise that the key is to achieve a beautiful wholesome healthy plate that does not compromise on flavour. We’re confident that we have achieved this and invite you to come along, try for yourself & let us know what you think.

We’re sure you’ll love it.

Our healthy Set Menu options will change regularly & reflect the very best seasonal foods we can source from our local suppliers.

Great for the planet, great for our bodies.

Cheal’s Kitchen Team.


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